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Departmental Address:                                                     

 School of Mathematics and Statistics

 Central China Normal University(CCNU)                                    

 430079 Wuhan

 People's Republic of China

Room: 6-M102   


Email:  chang at mail.ccnu.edu.cn


Research Interests

        Lie Theory and Representation Theory in positive characteristic

Preprints and Publications

  • Varieties of elementary abelian Lie algebras and degrees of modules. (with R. Farnsteiner) (pdf-file)

  • Toral stabilizers of restricted Lie algebras. (pdf-file)

  • A note on the rank of a restricted Lie algebra. (pdf-file), Algebra Colloq. (to appear)

  • Finite group schemes of p-rank ≤ 1. (with R. Farnsteiner) (pdf-file), Math. Proc. Cambridge Phil. Soc. (to appear)

  • Publications. (MathSciNet)

  • PhD Thesis:

  • (East China Normal University) Toral schemes, toral stabilizers and their applications. (advisor: Prof. Bin Shu)

  • (University of Kiel) Varieties of elementary Lie algebras.  (pdf-file(advisor: Prof. Dr. Rolf Farnsteiner)


  • at CCNU

  • Winter term 2018/2019: Abstract Algebra

  • Summer term 2018: Higher Algebra and Analytic Geometry II

  • Winter term 2017/2018: Abstract Algebra

  • Former teaching at the University of Kiel 

  • Winter term 2016/2017: Lie Algebras and Algebraic Groups I, Prof. Dr. Rolf Farnsteiner

  • Summer term 2016: Commutative Algebra, Priv.-Doz. Dr. Amir Džambić

  • Winter term 2015/2016: Homological Algebra II, Prof. Dr. Rolf Farnsteiner 

  • Summer term 2015: Homological Algebra I, Prof. Dr. Rolf Farnsteiner

Conferences and Workshops


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